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Motivation for creating

I have the habit of writing blogs, and at the beginning, as mentioned in the preface of this tutorial, it was very troublesome to write. During this process, I looked for tools that could simplify the process. At that time, Craft launched the Extension feature, so I wrote a Craft plugin for release and iterated on it for several versions, including but not limited to:

  1. Github Action build + OSS upload image, later found that the service call to the domestic OSS interface in Github Action always timed out, so switched to local.
  2. Local build + OSS upload image, later found that local build required Apple Script, so I wrote an to accept commands from Craft Extension.
  3. Later, Craft officially no longer maintains Extension, and because of the existence of's Apple Script, it also caused the blog publishing process to be unable to be shared with everyone and unable to run on non-Mac platforms, so I then switched to Notion, and after some research, found that the Notion database suited me!

Blogs in the process:

About the author


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