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Notion Flow

A browser plugin for publishing and viewing blogs, based on Notion + Github, implemented in a non-intrusive, pure frontend manner.

Notion Flow - Flow your Notion content to other places like Github Pages. | Product Hunt

Display Notion Title of Content

The basic function of Notion Flow allows you to display the hierarchical titles of Notion pages directly in the right sidebar of the browser.

Publish to Github

The advanced features of Notion Flow allow you to publish Notion pages in Markdown format to Github.

Custom module conversion

Not satisfied with the rules of converting Notion to Markdown in Notion Flow? You can customize the conversion.

support for multiple image upload services

Support multiple image uploading services, including Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, AWS (requires application and related CDN configuration).

More custom configurations

The image upload path and file upload path support referencing Notion Page Properties, making the configuration more flexible. There are more configurations waiting to be explored.

AIGC support

The advanced features of Notion Flow allow you to use AIGC functions (supporting OpenAI API and Azure OpenAI API) to manipulate selected areas, replace Notion text blocks, and serve as a substitute for expensive Notion AI features.